Hyberolic time chamber level 1 gravity x 2


Drink at least 1-2 gallons ,try to eat clean as possible I only eat seafood,veggies,grains now etc i do not eat chicken,beef,pork any longer and still working  On turkey now ,make sure to stretch and use good form and practice !


  • Weighted punches 3 minutes 2 minutes 1 minute ..
  • Knuckle push-ups maximum reps 
  • Knee to elbow sit-up 50/25
  • Squats 50/25

Hyberolic time chamber “The flames”

  • Heavy bag 4-6 rounds ,3 or 5 minutes each knees ,elbows,punches,kicks if the bag is stable enough go for it –do 20 push-ups and 10 pull-ups per round..rest 15 or 30 seconds between rounds 

Hyberolic time chamber gravity increased 

  • 100 bench press (185/225
  • 100 push press (135/175
  • 100 squats (135/225
  • 100 dead lifts/bent over row (95/135
  • 100 or 200 barbell shrugs 
  • 1 minute dumbbell bench 
  • 1 minute dumbbell squats 
  • 1 minute dumbbell push press 
  • 1 minute front raises 
  • 1 minute side raises 
  • 200 core reps 
  • 3 minutes of plank 
  • Stretch well and eat a lot of lean and clean foods 
  • Meditation if possible build you muscle growth and performance by releasing stress 👁


“The chronicle of many alphas” chapter 1 BODY TYPES -WEAKNESSES AND STRENGTHS

First I will say it’s possible to have a mixed morph but very rare .. some guys with insane genetics usually for example once upon a time ..meso morph eats what ever the hell he wants and still under 7% body fat can be call as meso-ecto (mecto morph) .. and in reverse an ecto manages to gain some serious muscle not built like meso but similar gain meanwhile high metabolism in time can be a ecto-meso (ecso moprh ?!)

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What are meso morphs?

Well this is one incredible body type to have ,usually very well rounded ,can be pretty lean with nice amount of muscle and shape ,the bone structure is pretty wide itself fits perfect for a proportional physique ,mesomorph can have amazing proportion but if not careful can get somewhat sloppy if not on his diet game! Yes indeed I am a meso morph and I am short/MEDIUM built in height kind of guy so my proportions is somewhat thicker looking of course DUE to its own nature to go very well with weight training and cardio training ,we respond best to weight training of course and must watch our calorie and carb intake ,cardio is our friend to keep all the muscle gains nice and lean a medium amount can do ,but nothing to extreme ;combined with weight training of course ! Arnold or franco columbu can be great examples for this morph at its potential

Here are your gifts and some things to keep and eye on:

  • Athletic
  • Generally hard body
  • Well defined muscles
  • Rectangular shaped body
  • Strong
  • Gains muscle easily
  • Gains fat more easily than ectomorphs


What are ecto MORPHS?

These guys are generally slim,sometimes! tall ,sometimes a small frame but that’s not always the case ,some do have a nice structure to begin with still ,the issue is these guys have a higher metabolism..don’t get me wrong this low body fat on what ever muscle they carry currently everything shows ! Every little detail possible ,it’s  important to keep diet huge and clean though becuase you don’t want to have amazing metabolism and break out your morph to gain muscle and boom your not lean becuase high sodium/holding water etc I would be shocked to see one in that state ! Usually these guys have a hard time growing ,they need to eat large amounts of calories and train short and intense workouts focusing on huge muscle groups ,they should be on a supplement regime to help prevent any muscle catabolism,eating at night lean protein can also help prevent catabolism near bed time,when these guys grow they can definitely lean back down deeper then ever pretty fast when they need to for what ever reason coming for them such as compete in stage etc,the guys who make it big with this physique can achieve such a physique like frank Zane go take a look at that that’s a possible muscle and definition ,structure example for ya

Here’s some gifts and stuff to watch out for :

  • Small “delicate” frame and bone structure
  • Classic “hardgainer”
  • Flat chest
  • Small shoulders
  • Thin
  • Lean muscle mass
  • Finds it hard to gain weight
  • Fast metabolism


What are endo morphs?

These guys ,well most of them are generally big ,and strong usually ,but over all this physique can also have a weakness this body is solid but also soft! What I mean by soft is you guys gains fat easy! They are more commonly a shorter build 5,4-5,9 but that’s not always the case body types can come in any height ! These guys usually carry a high body weight,thick bones and body ,these guys are also usually pretty strong especially in the upper legs ! .The physique is usually round and muscles not well defined either . This stocky body does gain muscle well as well as fat though with a slow metabolism it’ll be hard to lose fat for sure ,weight lifting can do wonders within strength for these guys to cut down -cardio and high reps with weight and body weight training.. and hands down a very very strict diet even ;cheat day got to be strict and limited , must watch carb intake and calorie as well ,lean protein will do well keep away from beef and pork if possible!!  healthy fats ! lou ferrigno is a possible final form for you guys !! But also other then that another built some guys end up with is like a Viking/or your common powerlifter these days huge giant guys high body fat but tons of muscle and strength .

Here is some gifts and things to watch out for :

  • Soft and round body
  • Gains muscle and fat very easily
  • Is generally short
  • “Stocky” build
  • Round physique
  • Finds it hard to lose fat
  • Slow metabolism
  • Muscles not so well defined


One of my back days “wolf-v”due to its support of getting a nice v shape back wear that weight belt tight and go at it .

  • WARMUP properly 
  • Wide grip pull-ups 3 sets 
  • Close grip pull-ups 3 sets 
  • BENT over side raises 8 sets of 10 LIGHT weight for WARMUP contract each rep mice and easy 

Lots of angles being hit at super sets ,dead lift is not required here you can do dead lifts a seperate day I like doing dead lifts with some leg day builds me some nice hammies and build a nice shape head to toe..plus dead lifting is a big risk when shaping up can really rough yo your back if not careful with intensity so been training this way it’s been working very well! 

  • BENT over ROW super set with over head press BARBELL// 8 x 21
  • Seated row// super set standing pulldowns (for lats) 6 x 15 
  • Lat pull down 2 sets HEAVY then one set of failure or 50 reps 
  • Shrugs as many sets as possible work the reps nice and easy and contract each one 100 or 200 reps total the more the better use MEDIUM to HEAVY weight not SUPER HEAVY (if you can do at least 8-10 that’s good for a set)
  • Shoulder press 4 x 20 Machine or dumbbells seated is great 
  • Side raises hell 10 heavy,20 light 4 sets ;15-20 second REST 
  • Front raises till failure 3 sets 
  • Back extension 2-3 sets of 33 reps 
  • Sit-ups 3 sets of 33 reps 
  • Side sit-ups leaning left and then right 21 reps each side ,2 sets each 
  • Focus on breathing and holding in your vacuum and posing out your lat spread etc

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Super saiyan arm workout 

Ready for that dragonballgasm 😂💪🏼

Ok get serious now ..

Seriously ..

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You know you want arms like that stop f#cking around I hope this kind of motivation pushes your limits ..


  1. Drink at least 2 liters of water upon waking up nice and slowly don’t drown your self ,this will increase your strength by 15% and hydrate all your muscles and cleanse your body ,this is ideal for better pumps and strength other wise you’ll be a little b#tch and can’t finish the set your nickname will “almost” haha but all jokes aside ,all the above is a must!!
  2. Don’t even aim for this workout if you google search “why do I never get pumped during training” well because your still on level one buddy and need to master these movements and contractions to get the blood flowing,use your mind within each rep to can help solidify your muscle and pumps where it needs to be not to mention eating like shit can give you a soft look as well we want jacked,strong,big,ripped arms if we can get them!! I hope that’s the goal so please make sure focus because after a set of 2 of this workout you can really tear something! Focus !
  3. A high nutrition day do not go crazy eating pizza and cakes you need to perform strong like a saiyan eat some eggs and oatmeal for breakfast and about a hour or 2 before get some chicken grilled ,a banana and some rice and veggies or something like that ,you may need a pre workout for this my natural energy sucks I do so much all day I need some caffeine for intense training ,most important take a ton of BCAA AND GLUTAMINE on high intense workout to prevent muscle loss!! We don’t want that I would say 10grams bcaa and glutamine ..take 3-5grams arginine to help the blood flow during training as well as magnesium at least 500mg as well to prevent cramping taurine can help as well 2-3 grams … don’t worry about protien shakes amino acids and food way more important then some scam milk shake sorry most of them are so f#ck that bulllllshhaitttt 
  4. Ok bro I think that handles everything start powering up your hair gold even if your have straight or curly hair or waves f#ck it ; white goku ,black goku ,Spanish goku what ever the f#ck we all one ❤️




  • SKULL CRUSHERS WITH DUMBBELLS MEDIUM WEIGHT 20-30 pounds would do well if you don’t cheat and do super fast reps you need to feel it and squeeze those reps 50 REPS// SUPER SET WITH 20 HEAVY HAMMER CURLS DUMBBELLS I WOULD USE MAYBE 40-60 pounds here …2 or 3 sets of THIS SUPER SET MINUMUM REST .. stretch 15-20 seconds self-massage arm as walking to the next station,slap ya arms up get ready ..
  • YOU WILL NOW PERFORM 50 DUMBBELL BICEP CURLS WITH MEDIUM WEIGHT (ive chosen 25-30 pounds range) SUPER SET WITH ; 50 TRICEP PULL DOWNS PUT YOUR BODY INTO IT AND USE ONLY YOUR TRICEPS USE MEDIUM WEIGHT AS WELL FOR THIS BOTH OF THOSE (100 reps total) EQUAL 1 SET////GIVE ME 2 or 3SETS OF THIS!! WITH ALMOST NO REST IN BETWEEN total: 200 reps/200 reps focus contraction and pumps here don’t give me no cardio rep no cross fit here…if you can do 3 or even 4 sets you arms are going to f#cking die don’t do any arm movement at all Tommorow train legs or something ..

  • FINISH STRONG F#CK FRIEZA ..get back to those hammer curls alternating one arm each hold both in your hands bring it to your chest each rep starting with your weak arm then after that set go to your strong arm 4-5 sets each arm heavy as fuck please 8 REPS MINUMUM AIM FOR 10
  • BEHIND BACK FOREARM CURL WITH BARBELL 2 sets of 40 REPS YOU CAN USE 50-70 pounds ,then ONE SINGLE SET OF 21 REPS REVERSE FOREARM CURL NICE AND TIGHT ,AFTER THIS RUN TO THE BENCH AND DO FOREARM CURLS WITH THE BAR FOREARMS FLAT ON THE BENCH I kneel down to the bench and CURL off the corner of it SH#T burns like hell BUT MADE MY FOREARMS GROW! MAX REPS FOR 2 sets DO not care if it’s 6 or 4 REPS DO as many as you can !!

THATS ABOUT IT MAN ANY MORE THEN THAT AND YOU GONNA BURN OFF GAINS REST UP,massage and stretch man seriously this workout can make you grow if you are advanced and master the movements for own body .. a newbie won’t do well here he will burn his arms to death to ashes .. if you want to put someone new on it just do 1/4 or 1/2 of what you would do be the alpha and show them good form amen 


I felt like this after I couldn’t itch my head or itch my back .. my arm pump must of extended to around 19-20 inches INSANE the look on people face of my new pumps was a great feeling enjoy!! Hope you enjoyed reading I try put ya in good motivation and mood ! 🙂 focus on the goal breath and believe in it !! And it’ll happen 

I’m always available for online coaching if need help growing to your potential don’t want anyone feeling lost!