One of my back days “wolf-v”due to its support of getting a nice v shape back wear that weight belt tight and go at it .

  • WARMUP properly 
  • Wide grip pull-ups 3 sets 
  • Close grip pull-ups 3 sets 
  • BENT over side raises 8 sets of 10 LIGHT weight for WARMUP contract each rep mice and easy 

Lots of angles being hit at super sets ,dead lift is not required here you can do dead lifts a seperate day I like doing dead lifts with some leg day builds me some nice hammies and build a nice shape head to toe..plus dead lifting is a big risk when shaping up can really rough yo your back if not careful with intensity so been training this way it’s been working very well! 

  • BENT over ROW super set with over head press BARBELL// 8 x 21
  • Seated row// super set standing pulldowns (for lats) 6 x 15 
  • Lat pull down 2 sets HEAVY then one set of failure or 50 reps 
  • Shrugs as many sets as possible work the reps nice and easy and contract each one 100 or 200 reps total the more the better use MEDIUM to HEAVY weight not SUPER HEAVY (if you can do at least 8-10 that’s good for a set)
  • Shoulder press 4 x 20 Machine or dumbbells seated is great 
  • Side raises hell 10 heavy,20 light 4 sets ;15-20 second REST 
  • Front raises till failure 3 sets 
  • Back extension 2-3 sets of 33 reps 
  • Sit-ups 3 sets of 33 reps 
  • Side sit-ups leaning left and then right 21 reps each side ,2 sets each 
  • Focus on breathing and holding in your vacuum and posing out your lat spread etc

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